Erin Sesel, B.Sc., OT Reg. (Ont.) (OT In-Home / Future Care Cost Analysis / Situational Assessments / Catastrophic Impairment)

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Ms. Sesel works as an independent consultant in the private sector since 1999 and has consulted with various health care companies. Occupational therapy roles and responsibilities include: coordinating hospital discharges, coordinating equipment and services, conducting home-based functional assessments, CAT determination assessments using the Glasgow Outcome Scale Extended (GOS-E) and/or the mental behavioral CAT approaches, follow-up assessments, treatment/education sessions, implementing functional restoration programs, job site analysis and ergonomic assessments for clients who have sustained physical, orthopaedic, psychological, neurological and/or cognitive injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Other responsibilities may include the coordination of return to work programs, ongoing treatment and liaison with clients, their families and other health care providers, the creation and monitoring of rehabilitation programs, as well as case management functions. Ms. Sesel also carries out a two-day situational assessment.