The Emergency Room: Establishing Medical Negligence

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Medicine is complicated, and in any area of the hospital, unexpected outcomes may occur. Sometimes, these unexpected outcomes are the result of a medical mistake. 

In the litigation of potential medical negligence, the standards for a qualified expert witness are very high. Your case relies on retaining an expert who is properly qualified, consummately professional and determined to report the complete, objective truth of the situation.

You need an expert like Dr. James Ducharme. He is co-founder of both the Quebec Association of Emergency Physicians, and the International Federation for Emergency Medicine, now serving as President of the latter. He is a sought-after speaker and teacher, with numerous publications in the fields of emergency medicine, pain management and hospital administration. Since 1984, Dr. Ducharme has served as a consultant for the Medical Protective Association. With PDAC, he is an in-demand consulting witness, producing a number of outstanding expert witness reports in cases of potential medical negligence.

Since its founding in 1999, PDAC has held all our medical experts to these high standards. We partner with specialists in diverse areas of medicine, and we do the work to find you the expert you need for your case.

For more information about Dr. Ducharme or to request his expert opinion report, please contact us.

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