Life Expectancy Reports by Dr. Robin Nath

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In litigating a personal injury case, are you able to estimate the life expectancy of your client?

The credibility of your case rests on retaining a physician who is experienced in life and disability underwriting for estimating life expectancy.

That’s why the Pain and Disability Assessment Centre (PDAC) usesĀ Dr. Robin Nath, an industry leader and expert in estimating life expectancy of medically impaired individuals. He serves as an independent medical consultant to major insurance companies, as well as personal injury lawyers. As an insurance medical consultant, Dr. Nath is involved in life and disability underwriting, claims adjudication and estimating life expectancy. PDAC relies on Dr. Nath to produce statistically rigorous and medically informed life expectancy reports for both plaintiff and defence lawyers.

Since its founding in 1999, PDAC has facilitated expert medical reports with these high standards. We draw on specialists in a wide variety of disciplines to produce high-quality, objective reports for cases such as accident benefit, tort and determination of catastrophic impairment, as well as potential medical negligence.

To find out more or to request a life expectancy report, please contact us.

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