Insurer-paid IRB Accounting Reports

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Has your client suffered a personal injury that caused missed work, a leave of absence or even unemployment?

You can now obtain an Income Replacement Benefit (IRB) Accounting Report, fully payable by the insurer and with no impact on your client’s medical rehab cap. The new SABS Regulations (Ont. Reg. 289/10) introduced an insurer-paid IRB Accounting Report of up to $2,500 plus HST per insured. It applies to both situations in which the insurer has made calculations which the insured wishes to have reviewed, and those in which the insurer remains to make calculations.

In almost all cases, the $2,500 plus HST maximum cap is more than sufficient to cover the costs associated with either the computation of IRB or the review of calculations done by an insurer. Since the insurer pays for this report without the requirement of an OCF-18 and without having an impact on your client’s rehab expenses cap, you should consider requesting such a report for each AB client.

The Pain & Disability Assessment Centre (PDAC) is working together with Ian Wollach of RSM Canada in the preparation of IRB Accounting Reports for personal injury cases. Since 1999, PDAC has been offering a full range of assessments by MDs, OTs, vocational assessors and other experts for personal injury lawyers.

Our assessors work closely with Mr. Wollach to make the required determinations in your client’s case, such as:

  • Does the client meet the threshold for “serious & permanent”
  • ¬†What is the impact of the injury on the client’s ability to earn?
  • What are the financial implications of the expected reduction
    in earning and/or forced retirement?

Why Ian Wollach?

Mr. Wollach’s experience of over more than 17 years, proven track record, expertise, professionalism, and quality of services rendered, make him a pre-eminent expert in litigation accounting and business valuation.

Why use PDAC in conjunction with Ian Wollach?

PDAC will save you time and effort in the collection of all required accounting data from the CRA, CPP, private group pensions and others. As necessary, we will arrange for a Life Expectancy Estimate Report by experts in the field or provide you with a critique of the defence’s Life Expectancy Report.

Find out why PDAC is trusted by lawyers across Ontario for high quality assessments and reporting. For more information, email

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