Economic-Related Assessments

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In addition to PDAC’s array of medical services, we offer a number of important economic-related reports which complement our medical assessments.

Future Care Cost (FCC) Analysis

Our occupational therapists, who are also certified life planners, have years of experience preparing Future Care Cost analyses for personal injury cases. Our method is designed to incorporate information from professionals in all relevant disciplines, to comprehensively plan for the future care of a client after an accident. The Future Care Cost analysis report provides insurance companies and lawyers with objective, evidence-based and practical solutions to help resolve settlement issues.

Vocational Assessments

Vocational assessments help both insurers and lawyers to evaluate vocational capabilities and determine potential employment alternatives. The assessment consists of a clinical interview and a psychometric investigation of the claimant’s cognitive functioning, core academic skills, vocational interests, and aptitudes. The experts we use are Certified Vocational Evaluators and have extensive experience assessing return-to-work capabilities of disabled workers. As part of our vocational reports, PDAC also offers Transferable Skills Analysis, Labour Market Surveys and Job Analysis.

Life Expectancy Assessments

Survival time is the actual number of years a person will live. Life expectancy is the average number of remaining years of life given a person’s age and medical condition. While a person’s actual survival time cannot be predicted, their life expectancy, in most instances, can be calculated with considerable accuracy. PDAC uses experts in the field to prepare Life Expectancy Assessments for the use of insurers and lawyers. Combining expertise in medicine and actuarial science, they translate complex medical data into numerically sound estimates of life expectancy, presented clearly and concisely for use in structured settlements.

Economic Loss (Loss of Future Earnings) Reports

Economic Loss Reports typically involve two parts: determination of an injured person’s income losses and his care needs. The objective of an income loss report is to restore, as best as possible, an injured person to the financial position that he or she would have been in had the accident or mishap not occurred. Income loss reports typically involve identifying career paths before and after the accident or mishap, and are an attempt to quantify, on a reasonable basis and in monetary terms, the impact of the injury or disability on past and future earnings.

IRB Accounting Reports

Income Replacement Benefit (IRB) accounting reports are generated by PDAC in conjunction with Rich Rotstein Chartered Accountants. The cost of preparing these reports (up to $2,500 plus HST), is now fully payable by the insurer, with no impact whatsoever on the client’s medical rehab cap. This covers the costs associated with either the computation of IRB or the review of calculations done by an insurer.

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